Kids Parties

I recently ran across this party and had to share it with you!
The table scape is so cute but simple and pretty easy to recreate. Apples were used to be the stand for the cupcakes. White milk glass pedestals were used to hold the sandwiches.
The cupcake toppers are so cute and available at
I love the detail of the lions face....Want to create your own? Buy a lion digital file online (etsy has a huge assortment of digital files for sale, normally $2-$5) or use stickers from your local craft store. Then use a punch to cut out scallopped circles to use as the backing/hair of the lion.
Tissue paper and jute turn a simple wrapped sandwich into a festive part of the party!
I Love this idea!: Each child had a bag that was pre-filled with their food. This way, they could just pick up their bag and begin eating without parents having to help fill plates.
Instead of each child getting a gift bag, each family had a bag labeled with their last name.
Obviously, the standout feature of this party is the large safari animals.
These were cutout and then painted.

Easily recreate the "Boston" Banner by cutting out squares of burlap and then adhere paper or cloth letters spelling out the name. You could also use black paint to paint on the letters. Then string together with jute or raffia.
For more details from this party checkout, while you are there check out her great etsy's party decor with a vintage flair!

If you have boys, and there anything like mine, they love the outdoors!! I love the idea of a camping themed party! I actually love it so much that it's the theme for my 6 year old's birthday this April. The Blackberry Vine has such a cute camping party that I wanted to share some of the photos and ideas from the party. I love the sash/badges that the kids get for completing each activity. It's a great way to really get the kids involved and instead of prizes make a badge that fits the activity they are doing. These were actually made from a cricut but similar stickers can also be found at local craft & scrapbook stores. I am an invitation nut. I LOVE cute invitations and have said before how I think it's one thing you shouldn't over look. It's what I call "the first impression" of the party. These invitations are so clever and cute. Now, maybe not practical if you have to mail invitations. However, if you are handing them out they are a great way to get the kids excited for the upcoming party.
Table Scape Idea: Kids Party Venues set up this outdoor camping inspired table.

Tuesday To Do Party

What a Hoot! This is one of my favorite parties! Owls are a big trend right now in parties and this is like a cross between that and Dr Seuss. How can you not look at this and smile! Anj from Snowy Bliss mixed her super creative nature, along with a little help from etsy and this is what she created. Anj goes into great detail on her blog about how she pulled of every detail. The window below, she had printed. The bed above is a great way to take a normal table and make it over the top cute!
Invitations, to me, are the first impression of what your party is going to be. With etsy you can buy a template for some very cute invitations and have as many as you want printed from walgreens, walmart, or any other picture printing service.
Plastic plates with super cute patterns are available at just about any store you go into these days. Some of the cutest patterns and shapes I've seen can be found at Hobby Lobby, Pier 1, and Target. They range from about $2-5 each.
Now if you are crafty like Anj, you can send home each of your guests with a custom made owl of their own. If it's within budget you can purchase them on etsy. Or, look in your paper for seamstress ads. The felt is super cheap and many of the seamstresses charge by the hour (or at least in KC they do) and you could have great favors for cheaper than you think.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. I think I need to borrow a friends little girl just so I can have a party like this!

Dinosaur Party!

When our oldest was turning 3 he wanted a Dinosaur themed Party. So I set out to combine a fun and 3 year old friendly party.
The green punch fountain with dry ice fog was a big hit for the kids. I purchased this fountain for around $40 . I wasn't sure how often I would use it but it has turned out to be pretty valuable. With so many varieties and colors of punch, juice and kool aid I find a way to incorporate it in to most of my parties. My son wanted an animated cake so I found this one at a local store bakery. The dinosaur pops out of the volcano, his eyes light up and he roars. Needless to say my son loved it!
For our party favors I found sand pails and decorated them with dinosaurs and filled them with all things dinosaur related (dino books, excavating tools, stickers and treats) For the games I had thought of quick and easy games to keep a group of three year olds busy and having fun. I had sand hauled in and buried dino bones for the kids to dig up. To get dino bones I actually used dog biscuits and painted them white. Also Because my sons birthday falls close to Easter I was able to find Dino eggs. I hid them in the back yard and let the kids go on a dino egg hunt.
I hung a photo backdrop up and as the kids were leaving I took pics of each of them with the bday boy. I then added them into the thank you's we sent out.