Wednesday, May 18, 2011

4th of July Fans

4th of July Paper Fans

I wanted to share this cute instruction how-to that I saw on MarthaStewart. It's an easy way to take an ordinary store bought fan and make it custom and much more chic!

Step 1
To make a pendant smaller, trim the closed fan diagonally, near its unstapled end. (For the smallest pendants, you may want to remove some tissue layers so the fan will open fully.)

Step 2
If adding a medallion, snip the closed fan along 1 edge of cardboard, cutting off 1 staple; this will create a flat center.

(go to Martha Stewart

to get the free printable centers for the fans)

Step 3
Set your printer's margins to zero (or as narrow as possible). Print medallions onto heavyweight paper. If using 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper, choose small medallion clip art; large medallion will work on 11-by-17-inch paper. Cut out each medallion with scallop scissors: Start by aligning scissor edge with cutting guide, and follow trajectory.

Step 4 If you cut off a staple to make a flat center, pinch together the loose tissue at center, and secure with a dollop of hot glue; then attach medallion to center using hot glue. Hang pendant with monofilament.


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