Monday, July 4, 2011

Kauai Vacation

So, this may not be holiday, party or style related but I wanted to share how some of my summer time has been spent. Our second vacation of the summer was an "adult" vacation. My husband and I traveled with my aunt, uncle, cousin, his girlfriend and my grandpa to Kauai.

A few shots of our beach house. Wonderfully quiet and peaceful. Just what we needed!

Our chef cooked the fish that the boys caught on the boat that day. The Hawaiian sweet potatoes (purple) were awesome!

If you are planning a trip anytime soon to Kauai, Joanna is a great masseuse. My husband says she is "the best"!

Ok, so I have to take credit or maybe blame for the next few photos. I really wanted to hike to the water falls that were just down the road from the house. Four miles in and four miles back. Probably not the best idea after 3 days of rain!

The views were amazing of the Nepali coast and I'm glad we attempted the hike!

The beach after the first 2 miles of the hike.

We were out searching for sunrise shells when my aunt spotted this super cool crab. Pink and purple!

My husband and cousin went fishing on the rocks during the morning.

I still can't believe we got my 78 yr old grandpa to come with us!!

Golf was a major part of the trip. (The way my grandpa was convinced to come!) I think he golfed 5 days in a row!

The course was great and the views were amazing!

The view from the back porch.

Rainbows in Kauai are a sight to see. The colors are so bright and look close enough to touch!

Me, my aunt Terri, a local and Amanda

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Carol said...

It looks like y'all had such a wonderful time!! I just love the crab!! :) You have got to share with me who you rented your home through. My hubby and I are thinking of going to Hawaii for our 25th anniversary this year!! I was actually born in Hawaii!!

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