Thursday, December 31, 2015

Little Girls Clothes

Let's talk little girl clothes! When my boys were little I dressed them in cute little outfits from Mini Boden, Janie & Jack, Gap and Customs. As sports and school invaded our lives Uniforms, Under Armour and Nike took over. And then Emilia came in to our lives and my world of kids clothes completely changed. I finally got to buy pink things, frills and ruffles, things with glitter...It is so much fun! God knew what he was doing with only giving us one girl, otherwise we might go broke. So, lets talk about some brands I love. We really don't have a specific style. Some days I dress her in classic and timeless, other days are funky and fun, and even days I will pull out some pink Under Armour to play around in.
      First there are the brands that are sold in boutiques. Some we like are Giggle Moon, Mustard Pie and Persnickety. Persnickety being my favorite of those...ok I have to add a quick story here. As I was writing this blog I hopped over to Persnickety to grab a few pics I stumbled upon a sample sale they were running...that they never sent notification on. Now, 2 hours later I'm back with 3 orders on the way, lol.
Their clothes are cute and many are knit so they are also comfy to wear around. Some of the pieces can be pricey but they run really good sales! I normally try to stock up when they run their end of the season mark downs or when they open the Persnickety Outlet online.

Next in the world of clothes are the companies that do limited releases. These companies have started popping up all over the web now. The ones I started with are Well Dressed Wolf, Sweet Honey, and Eleanor Rose. Well Dressed Wolf offers unique and classic pieces with a vintage feel. I first found the company when they were just getting big and you could still get pieces pretty easy on their release days. Now, you have to be fast to cart anything they release. One thing I love about this company is I have loved every piece I have ever put on my daughter.

As far as the best value, you can't go wrong with Eleanor Rose. I started ordering from this company when they first started up and it was super easy to get anything you wanted. This company too has exploded especially in the last 6-8 months. Now you have to be on their site and ready to cart at their 7am releases. Some of ER's many appeals is the fun and vibrant colors, reasonably priced items and different styles. Not to mention they have great holiday lines! They normally will have a few boy pieces thrown in for those they like their kids to match for certain occasions.
Part of Eleanor Rose's Christmas Line form 2014, Boys Pj's and Emilia in the Nutcracker Nightgown
Of course there is also the classic Matilda Jane. Unique and fun prints and some of the softest clothing I've found. We love the leggings and shorties paired with cute shirts from Old Navy or Target.  I haven't gotten in to the Platinum line but I know it is a big deal for some, can be hard to get and if you get the right pieces resale can be higher than retail cost. I typically order the more girly print items, and lean to the pretty floral prints over some of the other things they offer.We always get lots of use out of any of the pieces I order.

And lastly as if I didn't have enough options of places to order I started my own company call EG Clothing. I wanted unique and fun pieces that I couldn't fins anywhere else. I use LOTS of knit because it is the most comfortable and I don't have to iron it! ;) Below are a few of the different designs I've created. Needless to say the options for girls clothing are endless and I'm loving it!!


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