Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Shark Party!

For 3 years in a row my middle son has requested a shark party. At first I was tempted to encourage him to pick something else but then I realized how easy he was making it for me. At this point I had down what to do and had kept the decorations from the previous year. However, of course I had to add some new twist! I had my husband run to Lowe's and get plywood and then drew out surf boards for him to cut out. We then painted them and used the decorative duct tape to add cool stripes. He also cut out tons of shark fins with the remaining pieces of wood. I used these to line the sides of the huge home-made water slide...If you have a hill at your house, you have to try this! The kids LOVE it! Get a couple rolls of the thick plastic, stake it down or use sand bags to hold down the sides. Then get cheap dish soap from the dollar store and cover the slide with it to make it extra slippery. It is AWESOME!

Here are some of the inside pictures. I used sand buckets instead of sacks for the goodie bags and filled them with all things beach and summer related. Things like water guns, bubbles, chalk and livesaver candy are good ideas.


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