Thursday, April 7, 2011

Barbie Silhouette Party

If you have a little girl you probably know what a big trend the barbie silhouette party is right now. This party was created by adoptionmakesfamilies for her daughter with the help of printables by Kristie from Party Paper Creations.

As you know I am a big fan of party printables. It's one of the most economic ways to transform an ordinary party. It really is a great way to customize the party and make it look like you spent way more time and money then you actually did!

{Above} If you are going to set your water out regular paper is fine to use for your labels. You can also print on label paper to make these easier to apply. However if you plan to have your drinks/water on ice you will need to get water proof labels. You can find these online or in most large office supply stores. You can print on these like regular paper. Plus, they work great! { Below} A cute candy bar is taken to the next step by adding zebra paper or ribbon and adding a barbie tag.
Love...Love...Love the cupcake stand and toppers!!
Simple zebra bags with custom bag tags are a great way to send off each guest.
Here is a cute invitation available on etsy that is completely customizable.

Kristie's store on etsy offers this party pack for $14.95 (includes customizing). Which shows you how economical it can be. I get everything I do printed at UPS which is 4/$1. The cool thing about these packs is that you can print as many as you want.


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