Thursday, April 7, 2011

Party Feature: Bowling Chic

If your kids are anything like mine, bowling is always something they have fun doing. But, I have to admit that I've been hesitant about ever having a bowling party for them. This will definitely make you think twice about that! Featured on and created by, this is a fun and chic way to turn a bowling ally into a party spot!
The details are fairly simple but the consistent color scheme and use of printables really gives it a festive and custom look.
By far the cake is an "over-the-top" aspect but the other details are very budget friendly.
Polka Dot paper creates place mats and table runners, printables double as centerpieces, and paper straws add fun color to simple white cups.
Paper straws are a big trend and are inexpensive. These can be found online at party supply stores and even on etsy. They come in many colors and patterns.
Cute plastic trophies can be found at your local party store and are very budget friendly. Adding a custom sticker from a party pack makes them look custom.
Gumballs serve as "bowling Ball" party favors.
I hope looking at these pictures makes you think a little bit more about having a bowling party. P is For Party is also nominated for the Top 25 Party Planning Blogs and definitely deserves a vote.


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