Monday, April 25, 2011

Monster Party on a Budget!

I love an over-the-top party and I have thrown many. However, I wanted to show that you can take store bought decor and turn it into a fun and custom party for under $20!! Target has recently put out a new line of party decor. I'm going to feature several of their lines but I wanted to start with the "Monster Party". Here is a cost breakdown ....Tablecloth 2.59, Plates $1.69, Napkins $1.39, Banner $3.99, Gift Bags $1.99, Puppets $2. I used crepe paper and ribbon that I had lying around but total cost around $5. I spent $1.50 on printables.

I started with the banner. I took strips of ball fringe and glued one to the top of each pennant.

I then took strips of ribbon and tied it in between each pennant.

I also used tulle to create a fluff and give it a fuller look.

Continue adding ribbon until the area between each pennant is covered.

I added the printable "Thank You" Tags to the top of the store bought bags to give them a custom look.

I always like to add something extra to your ordinary printable cupcake topper.

Glue tulle onto a 2" circle. Continue around until you have completed a circle with the tulle.

I decided to cut slits into the tulle to give them a slightly wild look since it is a Monster Party! Once complete add a printable cupcake topper that has been punched out, a lolli pop stick to the back and finish with some curled ribbon tied onto the stick.

I used what was meant to be water bottle wrappers to make napkin rings. Simple cut out the strips and wrap around the napkins. Glue or tape the back to hold them in place.

These printable Sucker wrappers are super easy. Simple punch out the two yellow dots, fold on the score line and slide the sucker stick through the holes.

Here is the finished table:

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Brenda said...

Fabulous way to do a party on a budget! Great ideas!

Heather L. said...

Love this post! Great ideas!


So cute! I am using the same thing for my son's 1st bday next month. I couldn't believe that Target had all this cute stuff. I had been looking for awhile for cute monster theme party supplies, and just happened to go to Target one day, and there it was! Love what you did with everything!

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