Saturday, April 30, 2011

Campout Birthday Party

Let me first warn that there is a mass amount of pics with this blog!:) I had over 200 to choose from so it was difficult to narrow down! This is my sons 7th Camping bday Party. I put up a "Camp" style sign that said "Welcome to Camp Tyson"

I need to also say that we had great weather during the party but did have 30 mph winds. Which for the perfectionist in me was a little difficult at first. Some of my "party ideas" just didn't happen and some had to be altered. However, in the end I think it turned out to be a fun party. Below is a pic of our food/ sweets table. It was an afternoon party so we did snack foods and lots of sweets!

Before we got started with any activities I had each "camper pick up a bag that had "Camp Tyson" on the front along with activity patches.

Kristie from Party paper creations created a party pack with bag toppers, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers etc. I used a 2" punch to cut out these tags and backed them with glitter paper and used simple raffia to tie them to the bags. I then wrote each child's name on the back so we could keep track of every ones loot!

I used an antique table and benches I had as the kids table. Moss covered mushrooms, grass table runner, metal grasshoppers, concrete squirrel and rocks served as the simple decor. In the background you can see the burlap I used to drape the tent. this is one of those modified ideas! I had ordered 75 yds to massively drape the tent but due to the wind we did good to drape this much!:)

I used an old cart with a grass runner, rocks, and a funky owl to serve as the "present stand". I covered a chair with an old burlap sack for the birthday boy to sit on while opening presents.

For the food table I had a two tiered camping birthday cakes, woodland cake pops, fudge cupcakes with woodland cupcake toppers and lots more!

Some more of the food table...The large frogs are Marshmallow treats and I created "Frogs on a Log" by using Ho Ho's and gummy frogs. There was also woodland sugar cookies and polka dotted shortbread cookies.

Here's a peak at the top of the cake.

I made "Mud Pies" by filling mini pies with cool whip, topping them with chocolate pudding and adding a few gummy worms.

I mixed a variety of woodland style cake pops to add to the outdoor theme.

Marshmallow frogs.

I also used a mix of woodland paper cupcake toppers to fudge cupcakes.

I used large ant planters to hold the plastic ware and napkins. This turned out to be great in the wind!

Part of Party Paper Creations party pack were these cute s'more bag toppers.

More Pics Coming !!

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Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

ADORABLE! I love every single detail, but the "frog on a log" --totally awesome!

desperate housewife said...

Girl, you did an awesome job! LOVE LOVE it!

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