Thursday, March 10, 2011

Candy Land Party

Candy Land Party! The more I have thought about this party the more I want to throw one. The ideas are absolutely endless. I found a few pics on the web to get the wheels turning.

On Etsy, the cutest lines for the Candy Land theme I found were on Tom Kat Studio and Sweet Metel Moments. Both, of these stores will create wonderful custom party supplies at reasonable prices.

These invitations also be found on etsy and at many online party supply stores.

Making huge candy is an instant way to add festiveness. These lollipops above are easily created by using colored plates or poster board cut into circles. Add a large dowel rod painted white and finish with clear cellophane. Create gumdrops... Blow up solid color beach balls, cover with clear cellophane and tie at each end. These could be hung from the ceiling, trees or sat around on tables.

Life size candy and houses are the ultimate touch. There are multiple sites on the web that have theses available. I love for great backdrops and cardboard stand ups. FYI...give yourself a little advance time for assembly. These normally come in pieces and can take several hours for completion. Think a step further and cut out large squares to lay on the floor to look just like the game board. You could also incorporate your games this way. Have the kids follow the colored path and make stops long the way to do different games.
Obviously, the cups, plates, napkins, etc are a Must. I found the above supplies at several party stores online. Finally send the kids off with their own Candy Land game. Or, if you really want to them to have some fun, create a candy bar. Fill lots of jars, baskets and containers with the brightest candy you can find. Give each child their own colorful sack and let the fill it with candy from the buffet.


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