Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easter Banner How To

Happy Easter Banner

Ok, I love the from scratch crafts as much as the next but sometimes we just don't have the time to do it all. So, I want to show a few short cuts to creating a super cute Easter Banner.

I found this "Happy Easter" banner at my local craft store. These have become really popular and can even be found at Target, wal-mart, and the dollar store.

I then took ribbon in colors that matched the banner and cut them into strips. I also cut pastel and hot pink tulle into strips as well. With the rick-rack, I cut it into strip to fit accross the top of each paper letter.

Then start to tie the ribbon and tulle onto the ribbon holding the letters. I put approx 8-10 pieces of ribbon and tulle between each letter.

I created tulle "balls" by cutting an approx 18" long piece of tulle and split it down the middle. Then take your 1/2 strip of tulle and scrunch it accordian style. Once you have scrunched the whole strip tie it in the middle and fan out the tulle.

Next hot glue the rick-rack to the top of the banner pennants and glue a tulle ball to the bottom of each. When finished it should look something like the below picture.



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