Monday, March 7, 2011

Planning for Easter

Although Easter seems to fall late this year, it will be here before we know it. After a long weekend of 22 family members staying at my house I am ready for some decorating therapy!! So, I am going to start pulling out the Easter Decorations. It's aways a challenge in a new house to figure out where everything will fit and look the best. I also have to start planning for my kindergarden and preschool kids parties as I am the room mom.
My gift bags and games will be in a future post. I already order their labels and gift bag tags from etsy and they turned out super cute!! But back to Easter planning decorationing. I always like to add to my decorations each year. Some of my favorite places to aquire new items are:
Hobby Lobby...They have really started caring some of the cutest decorations over the last fe years. You can get boutique inspired items at a fraction of the price. Plus each week they put some part of their holiday merchandise on sale. So, if its not on sale this week it will be next. I never pay full price for anything at Hobby Lobby! Next is Target...Yes it's normally hit and miss and not always cute but for those of us with kids there is no better place to stock up then target! For my plastic plates, kids place mats, gift bag fillers and other fun toys this is where I go. Also, everyone knows that the day after it is 1/2 price and if you have the storage space, stock up for next year!! As far as the kids bag fillers this is my favorite time. By the time I fill 40 bags it will cost a small fortune. So, I find ways to fill them for 1/2 the cost. Next is Etsy...for custom made or unique you can't find a better place. If you haven't checked out you are missing out. I have bought things like custom boutique kids clothes, address labels, premade scrapbook albums, floral arrangements, pictures, etc. Next....Although these aren't stores, I love the lines of Round Top Collection, ESC, Raz And Bethany Lowe. Most of these can be found in online stores, local boutiques and even ebay. With that, I am off to start unpacking. Look for picture soon!


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