Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crepe Paper Banner- DIY

Banners, especially customized banners are such a trend right now in parties. I wanted to create something different than the printable pennant banners and something budget friendly. Step 1) Start with a round shape(the bigger the circle the bigger the flower will be). Glue crepe paper around the outside edge, scrunching accordion style to create "ruffles". Continue scrunching in a circle, spiraling until you have reached the center. Completed flower will look like this:Step 2) Once you have completed flowers, turn over and punch a hole on the left and right side. This will be to tie your ribbon through. You can also just hot glue your ribbon to the backside.
Step 3) Optional: I like to scrunch each layer of the crepe paper to give it a more "full" look.

Step 4) Depending on your theme, place in the center of each "Flower" a character, number, name, etc. I chose to only do 3 flowers because the space I had to hang this is small. If you have a larger space make enough to spell "Happy Birthday". I chose to punch out two circles with trucks and then used my cricut to cut out a large "7".
Step 5) I used a paper garland to string my "flowers" together. You can also use ribbon or left over crepe paper.

My total cost was approx $6. $3 for crepe paper, $2 for paper garland and approx $1 for paper, with plenty leftover to make at least 3 more.

Have you tried it? Send me pics! I would love to show your take on this DIY. The variations are endless!


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