Monday, March 14, 2011

Dinosaur Party

Dinosaur Party!

When our oldest was turning 3 he wanted a Dinosaur themed Party. So I set out to combine a fun and 3 year old friendly party.

The green punch fountain with dry ice fog was a big hit for the kids. I purchased this fountain for around $40 . I wasn't sure how often I would use it but it has turned out to be pretty valuable. With so many varieties and colors of punch, juice and kool aid I find a way to incorporate it in to most of my parties.

My son wanted an animated cake so I found this one at a local store bakery. The dinosaur pops out of the volcano, his eyes light up and he roars. Needless to say my son loved it!

For our party favors I found sand pails and decorated them with dinosaurs and filled them with all things dinosaur related (dino books, excavating tools, stickers and treats)
For the games I had thought of quick and easy games to keep a group of three year olds busy and having fun. I had sand hauled in and buried dino bones for the kids to dig up. To get dino bones I actually used dog biscuits and painted them white. Also Because my sons birthday falls close to Easter I was able to find Dino eggs. I hid them in the back yard and let the kids go on a dino egg hunt.

I hung a photo backdrop up and as the kids were leaving I took pics of each of them with the bday boy. I then added them into the thank you's we sent out.


Holly Myers said...

Where did you get your punch fountain?? I can;t seem to find one like it! I love the ideas you have for the dinosaur party!!!

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