Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pirate Party

Pirate Party! RRRr!

For Maddox's 3rd birthday he wanted to have a pirate party. We chose to have it outdoors to take advantage of letting the kids spread out and do all the activities we had planned. Above, we did a simple table scape. I used skull and cross bone table runners, treasure chests and gold pieces for the center. I created my own party hats by adding foam pirates, rick rack and ball fringe to simple blue party hats. (total cost under $10)

We actually had two blow-ups because of the number of kids we had coming. Of course one had to be a pirate ship! Other activities we did was a treasure hunt. I created pirate maps by drawing a simple course to follow. I aged the maps with an antiquing stamp pad and burnt the edges of the paper to make them look authentic. Because this was a party geared for young children I marked each spot with a colored flag and did the same on the map. Also, we had an "octopus" . I took a very large drink pail and covered it with black cardboard, cut a hole in the center to stick hands in and filled it with cooked spaghetti. Also, I mixed prizes in plastic bags with the spaghetti. The kids had to stick their hands in and pull out a prize.
We sent each child home with their own gift bag filled with fun pirate booty. Eye patches, gold coin chocolates, pirate bandannas and hooks were some of the favors inside.
In May I will be throwing another Pirate party for a little boy and the following pictures are some of the beginning decorations I have been ordering...

These two photos are props I have ordered for a pirate party in May. The above is $60 and the entire decor in the lower picture was $100. Shindigz is running a special if you spend more than $75 you get an extra %15 off. As I always state, remember these come unassembled and can take several hours of assembly time.

I am planning to order all my customized items for my May party from Andersruff on etsy. The below two pictures are some of the very cute decorations they offer.


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