Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Treat Bags

I LOVE the DIY project but sometimes you have to break down and just buy things that you know you can make. These bag toppers I ran accross I thought were so cute!! I think these are just as cute as anything you can buy and print online. Plus they are cheaper and you don't have to print them. They are avaible at hobby lobby 20 for $2.99. Plus I bought mine when they were 40% off!

I found 3 different styles available, all have 3d features from the egg, glitter, and furry ball tail.
I plan to use mine to fill with prizes. As home room mom I always try to have atleast 3 games for my boys class parties and I try to do a prize for each game. I thought these would be perfect to hold a fe trinkets and candy.

Want to customize them? Use them for your kids treats and add a cute custom label saying who they are from. Make your own or look on etsy. For around $2.50 you can purchase a sheet of customized easter labels.


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