Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vintage Circus Party

Vintage Circus Party

I am planning a vintage circus party in a few months but happen to run across some very budget friendly supplies today and wanted to share them. At Michaels they have all this in their $1section! Note cards 8 for $1, gift bags 8 for $1 and the mask are $1 each. This is part of their new $1 section and most stores have just put this line out within the last day or two.

This invitation is available at bnute on Etsy. Which I thought was a good coordinator for anyone who was planning a party like this. Check back in a few months to see how I make these decorations custom and unique.


Bella Michelle said...

Just found your adorable blog via Twitter! I love parties and especially cute ones!

LOVE those masks. Those would be perfect for tucking away also for those odd "theme" days the kiddos have at school.

Happy Weekend!

TiffanyMac said...

I found the same items as well, and using it for my son's 5th birthday in June! LOVE Michael's! And LOVE the Dollar section!!

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